Today the image with which we have on the market is essential for the development of the company


Graphic agency Over Design offers graphic design services geared primarily to businesses. Corporate Identity, creative design, layout for Web sites, adult catalogs from design to press time, image and communication.
The main task of advertising development sector is to study the company's market, perceive the message and translate it into creations.
What is accomplished by the result of this process will be the added value of the activity, its springboard. The study of the image of a company must be very precise and professionally done, because in this area is very simple cause errors, i.e. transmit messages wrong.

The logo for a company is the first message that conveys to your target market. The logo contains the subliminal message of the enterprise, determines its warranty. The design must have is as important as the message.
The logo determines the State of a task. The layout for the web is the first approach that a user has with the site, a Visual impact.

A graphics for a website is designed according to the customer's corporate image, so the choice of predominant colors and geometry are chosen according to the shape of the logo and its tone. The result should be a project at 100% optimized. Any user on the first impact shall be absolutely aware of which is the content of the site that goes to see.

Create a catalog for a company is an advertising investment, but is also an important business card. Your corporate image and marketing message dependent on the professionalism of the project carried out, by the end result.

The marketing strategy depends on communication process of a company or of a company or an association. Send a wrong message, or in the wrong way, generates disastrous in the feedback of marketing. However, Marketing not only business, or sales or purchase a product, but it does convey a message through a logical and strategic advertising process.

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